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Innovation Circle | The Lisbon MBA

Note from The Lisbon MBA on the participation on the Innovation Circle (Círculo da Inovação), a project developed by Expresso, SIC and NOS to find a new generation of managers in Portugal.

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The world is changing… and so is energy

One of the major concerns of governments worldwide is to guarantee the availability of energy supply, even if energy is an ubiquitous commodity at the distance of a click. So is sustainability, as the COP21 conference committed to a faster decarbonization.

The introduction of renewable sources in the countries energy mix prompted for relevant premium prices in power purchase agreements, namely for wind and photovoltaic parks. As expected, the technology evolution brought the wind energy overall costs (also known as LCOE or Levelized Cost Of Energy) to similar values of those of gas, coal or nuclear, allowing it to position as a competitive source of energy, wind allows it. On the same direction, photovoltaic electricity generation is also becoming affordable with an important twist: its price and scalability allow for consumers to produce their own energy. Add a storage battery and everyone gets its own electricity 24/7.

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The rise of electric cars… and consequences on oil price

Plug-in cars make up just one-tenth of 1 percent of the global car market today. They’re a rarity on the streets of most countries and still cost significantly more than similar gasoline burners.

Last year EV sales grew by about 60 percent worldwide but, in the next few years, Tesla, Chevy, and Nissan plan to start selling long-range electric cars in the $30,000 range.

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The internet of… services?

Despite all the fuzz behind the dumb devices getting chips and sensors to become smarter gadgets, or the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything, and so on, the consumer market hasn't really picked up as predicted in several market trends and reports.

In this interview, Sokwoo Rhee, associate director of the Cyber-Physical Systems Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, suggests that the value for consumers might be in the services supplied with the whole solution and not just in the devices alone.

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IOT and utilities: an opportunity to differentiate

According to analyst firm Gartner, the number of internet-connected devices in the home will almost double each year up to 2018, by which time there will be almost 1.1 billion devices.
There is a huge opportunity for utilities to ride this IoT wave and deliver smart home technology and services to consumers.
While smart home technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years, there are still too many barriers to its wide-scale adoption, especially to interoperability and integration among different suppliers. This represents one of the opportunities for service providers and utilities: to provide a single hub and app, linking disparate connected home technologies together.

Source: Internet of things a smart opportunity for energy companies

Memorable presentations

Nowadays PowerPoint is one of the most used productivity tools in companies, either internally with colleagues or externally with partners.

Unfortunately the quality of presentations isn’t growing at the same pace, as most of them are monotonous and packed with irrelevant information so one forgets them ten minutes after.

Nancy Duarte suggests that for a presentation to be memorable it must have strong contrasts:

  • Visually – choose strong images and charts to explain an idea
  • Verbally – change the voice tone according to the message’s importance
  • Physically – complement the presentation with some action and interactivity

Source: Be Dramatic, Be Memorable

Resume tips for executive-level job seekers

Crafting a killer resume is hard for most of us!

Talking about ourselves in a robust, compelling manner tends to make us feel like cocky braggarts, so we often undersell our capabilities. We get tangled up in the so-called structural rules. We hear that we need to include “the right” key words, but what are they? Who decides which words are the rightest, and which ones are flat-out wrong?

If you’re an executive (or striving to become one), you’ve got one additional level of complexity, and it’s not a small one: You’ve got to make your resume “executive-y” enough so that you can play ball with the big dogs.

It’s not an easy task, but if you’re heading for the C-suite, this article contains four reasonably simple tips that will help you position yourself well:

  • Create an executive summary
  • Show financial and business impact, fast
  • Include a core proficiencies section (that screams “executive”)
  • Choose highlights that align with your target role

Source: 4 resume tips for executive-level job seekers.

Angela Ahrendts on job interviews

A few guidelines on soft questions by Angela Ahrendts.

Source: How I Hire: My Guiding Principles

Startup pitches

Pitching is an art form in the startup world. It’s a make or break moment as companies lay out their case for why they deserve millions in venture capital money.

Make sure you deliver real facts that show traction of the business and provide confidence to investors.

Source: Startup pitches are choosing random metrics.

Google introduces Project Sunroof

Does it make sense to install solar panels on your roof?

You probably have no idea. But as of today, Google knows.

The colorful and recently alphabetized search monstrosity has launched a new tool called Project Sunroof. It will use data you may not have realized that Google even had to tell you how much money you can save by turning your roof into a photon harvester.

Using Google’s mapping and computing resources, Project Sunroof offers users personalized roof analyses to help them calculate the best solar plan based on their individual roofs and locations. Once supplied with a user’s address, the site provides user-specific data on the amount of usable sunlight that hits the roof per year, which parts of the house receive the most sunlight, the amount of space available on the home for solar panels, and the amount of money that could be saved by switching to solar.


Project Sunroof

Google Introduces Project Sunroof

Google’s Project Sunroof makes installing solar easier

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