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Instituto Superior Técnico

Since its creation in 1911, Instituto Superior Técnico is the largest and most reputed school of Engineering, Science and Technology and Architecture in Portugal.

IST aims to give students and alumni the education and the knowledge tools to improve, to change and to shape society through science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

It provides top quality higher education, strongly exposed to Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) activities, immersing students in an exciting and global environment geared towards solving the challenges of the XXIst Century.

Instituto Superior Técnico website

Integrated Master Degree (MSc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering (formerly Licenciatura – 5 years degree)

The Integrated Master Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEEC) is aimed at trained professionals that, through research and/or development activities can be integrated in the production fabric and constitute themselves as innovation drivers.

Students acquire sound fundamentals in the basic scientific areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering (in the first three years of the course) and specific training in five specialized areas (in the last two years of the course). Moreover, students acquire a set of cross-cutting skills, namely oral and writing ones and the ability to manage engineering projects, in a perspective of entrepreneurship, innovation and transfer of technology.

Integrated Master Degree (MSc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering website

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