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Memorable presentations

Nowadays PowerPoint is one of the most used productivity tools in companies, either internally with colleagues or externally with partners.

Unfortunately the quality of presentations isn’t growing at the same pace, as most of them are monotonous and packed with irrelevant information so one forgets them ten minutes after.

Nancy Duarte suggests that for a presentation to be memorable it must have strong contrasts:

  • Visually – choose strong images and charts to explain an idea
  • Verbally – change the voice tone according to the message’s importance
  • Physically – complement the presentation with some action and interactivity

Source: Be Dramatic, Be Memorable

When to Present and When to Converse

Most of us, especially salesman, like to talk… a lot! But when you face complex projects that require other’s inputs, a presentation might not be the best way to approach a meeting.

Nancy Duarte suggests a simple guide to decide when to build a presentation and when to go for a conversation.

Source: Meetings: When to Present and When to Converse.

The world of infographics

Everybody knows that a single image is worth 1,000 words, or better said, an infographic is worth more than 1,000 charts!

Infographics have an emotional power because they can show you an idea, a relationship, or how something works very quickly. A persuasive infographic surprises the viewer. It moves them in some way and makes them want to keep looking at it or show it to other people.

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Slidedocs: the new presentation format

Slidedocs help you spread your smart thinking by combining visual communications with short chunks of written copy. Their scannable nature makes them great pre-read, reference, and leave-behind materials. Their modularity makes it easy for people to incorporate your ideas into their own communications. And these features together make slidedocs the perfect companion to both written documents and presentations.

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How to Give a Killer Presentation


How to Give a Killer Presentation

In this great article from Chris Anderson, the curator of TED, he thoroughly explains how to prepare and deliver great presentations.

His main tips are:

  • Frame the story
  • Plan delivery
  • Develop stage presence
  • And prepare, prepare, prepare

A must read for those who live their life on stage!

Why presentations fail

3 Reasons Most Presentations Fail

Presenters, and especially salesman, like to talk! Unfortunately they forget that time spent by their audience is costly, and to be correctly perceived their need to deliver value through their message.

Here are 3 common mistakes on delivering a presentation and suggestions of improvement:

  • Present too much information vs. Focus on value proposition
  • Focus on your product/company vs. Benefit for customer
  • Not explain why you’re different vs. Present unique problem solutions

Tips for outstanding presentations

How to Change the World: How to Get a Standing Ovation

Guy Kawasaki on tips for outstanding presentations.

Presentation mistakes

Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes

The last post from Nancy Duarte on creating and delivering presentation about the common mistakes presenters usually do.

On presentations be authentic to your audience

Authentic Presentations Take Practice

Of course a presentation must always be prepared, especially when the target is a big audience. When preparing, please keep in mind that your audience will value authenticity.

On her latest post, Nancy Duarte shows several good examples.

When presenting be prepared for resistance

Disarm Your Audience When You Present

More tips from Nancy Duarte on developing presentation skills.

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