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Circular economy

In a circular economy, products and the materials they contain are highly valued. This contrasts with the traditional, linear economic model, which is based on a 'take-make-consume-throw away' pattern. In practice, a circular economy minimizes waste through reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products.

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IMF World Economic Outlook

IMF World Economic Outlook Reports List

A Survey by the IMF staff usually published twice a year. It presents IMF staff economists’ analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term.

Chapters give an overview as well as more detailed analysis of the world economy; consider issues affecting industrial countries, developing countries, and economies in transition to market; and address topics of pressing current interest.

EIU Global forecasting service

Global Forecasting Service from Economist Intelligence Unit

This service provides a comprehensive global coverage on prices, indexes and other relevant economic indicators for both past and forecast data.

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