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CES Top 10 sensor trends

The use of sensors across a new range of consumer products and businesses is exploding, as one can observe from the almost daily new devices launched by Internet of Things startups. This trend is helping both consumers and businesses to become truly digital, fostering the elimination of inefficiencies and a new "industrial" revolution.

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iBeacon can power micro-location revolution

iBeacon, a micro-location technology based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), can revolutionize the way one physically interacts with brands and products.
Scenarios include available parking spots messaging your phone as one drives by, or setting up beacons at home, so a smartphone could automatically turn on the lights at arrival, or trigger other appliances based on a personalized set up. It could even notify someone else.

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Trends on measurements and sensors

National Instruments report on trends in measurement, sensors, networks and test.

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