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It turns any light into a smart light.

A simple plug and play adapter that gives you control of your lights from anywhere in the world. It can even use proximity to control your lights.

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Wimoto Technologies

Motes are tiny, rugged, wireless sensors. They talk directly to Bluetooth SMART enabled devices.

Motes give information about the world around. Temperature, humidity, light, soil conditions and more.

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Libelium delivers a powerful, modular, easy to program open source sensor platform for the Internet of Things enabling system integrators to implement reliable Smart Cities and M2M solutions with minimum time to market.

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The CuffLinc is a small, waterproof black device embedded with an accelerometer offering a Bluetooth link to a smartphone. On the Cuff app for iOS, the wearer can set the device's internal button to send out an alert to a friend or family member in an emergency.

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CubeSensors are small, beautiful cubes that measure everything that can be measured about indoors and stream it to the cloud. With one Cube per room in office or home, users get timely and accurate information about their environment that influences their productivity, well-being and health.

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brightup is a home automation company based in Hamburg, Germany that provides bright solutions for life. As a first step brightup offers a plug and play solution for wireless home light automation. The brightup smart plugs and automation hub are designed and engineered in Germany, ensuring the quality of your smart home solution.

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Tile™ will help you never lose anything again!! Key, wallets, purses, suitcases, bikes, and anything else. Just stick it on and Tile has you covered.

Tile is the first device of its kind. While competitors are restricted by Bluetooth’s typical connectivity range of 100 feet, Tile’s range can go far beyond that by using the Bluetooth connection of neighboring iPhones running the Tile app to cast a wider search net.

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Efergy develops consumer products to give homes access to meaningful, tangible and real-time energy information in an engaging format.

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AIRBOXLAB features a unique sensor array in an airflow designed cylinder. It is meant to be used inside living spaces forwarding data to the cloud and pushing back results and advice on any of your connected devices.

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Air Quality Egg

The Air Quality Egg is a sensor system designed to allow anyone to collect very high resolution readings of NO2 and CO concentrations outside of their home. These two gases are the most indicative elements related to urban air pollution that are sense-able by inexpensive, DIY sensors.

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