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Sales still matters more than social media

The amount spent, annually, by U.S. companies on field sales efforts is 3X their spending on all consumer advertising, more than 20X the spend on all online media, and more than 100X what they currently spend on social media. Selling is, by far, the most expensive part of strategy implementation for most firms.

The big story is that the internet is realigning, not eliminating, sales tasks, and that deserves more attention in business media.

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Stepping up from sales manager to sales director

Turn Yourself Into a Star Sales Leader

It is often said that a great sales manager not always turns into a great  sales director. Apart from the business technicalities, the soft skills that fuel a star sales leader are not the same needed for a sales director to outperform.

In this HBR article, Scott Edinger shows some evidences and identifies the most common mistakes made by previous star sales leaders:

  • Only attend select calls where your (new) position increases value to customer;
  • Act in a supporting role, the star of the company is your salesman;
  • Limit your (direct) involvement, other opportunities might need your guidance;
  • Don’t be the closer, that’s the role of your salespeople (Always Be Closing does not apply to you anymore!)
  • Always Be Prepared, that should be your motto now. Careful planning will improve your positioning on the eyes of the customer and your salesman.

New rules for sales management

In Sales Management, the Waning Power of “Push” and “Pull”

On this HBR article, Andris Zoltners, PK Sinha, and Sally Lorimer explain the trends that shape sales management in the digital world context.

Old fashion sales

If You’re Not Selling, Turn Off the Computer

In this straight forward article, Philip Delves Broughton explains how to maintain a sales competitive advantage by acquiring and take advantage of old fashion intelligence.

Reshape your sales force


Improving Your Sales Force: Fine-tune or Transform?

Some suggestions to reshape your sales force towards a new sales strategy.

Sales Tactics

Activating the Sales Force for Rapid Growth

Short term actions to deliver short term results.

Marketing & sales change management

Secrets of the 30%

Insights from a McKinsey survey on how to succeed in a Marketing & Sales transformation program.

On Complex Sales

The (New) Skills You Need to Succeed in Sales

Sales execution is not trough a recipe, but a lot on Facilitating the customer job

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