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Get customers to value your product

How to Get Customers to Value Your Product More

When deciding between multiple products, consumers tend to value more the one that creates motivational fit with his focus.

Furthermore, consumers who choose products while experiencing motivational fit are later significantly more satisfied with their selections.

By aligning the product benefits with the consumer’s motivational fit, one can obtain higher profits and improve the product’s perception throughout the  consumer decision journey.

Customer decision journey applied to B2B

Follow the customer decision journey if you want B2B sales to grow

While the Consumer Decision Journey was developed to understand the consumer behavior on the sales evaluation and decision process, most of its insights can alsobe used in a B2B context.

In this article, McKinsey exemplifies several actions that can deliver higher ROI by aligning marketing spend with customer’s expectations.

The evolution of digital marketing


The Coming Era Of ‘On-Demand’ Marketing.

Technology evolution and increasing customer expectations are driving on-demand marketing through search engines accuracy, social media information sharing and mobile devices availability.

On this report, McKinsey provides useful insights to address the new consumer demands:

1. Now: Consumers want to interact anywhere at any time;

2. Can I: Consumers will try new things which are deployed more effectively and that create value for them;

3. For me: Consumers are expecting to be targeted according to their needs;

4. Simply: Consumers want simple and intuitive interactions.

The marketing of services

Rethinking the 4 P’s

The marketing of products, mainly on a B2C context, is heavily influenced by the 4 P’s framework: product, place (distribution), price and promotion (advertisement, communication).

For services, especially on a B2B context, an adaptation is needed to better frame the solution.

Enter SAVE, a substitution of the 4 P’s for services:

  • Product -> Solution: Meet customer needs
  • Place -> Access: Develop cross-channel presence
  • Price -> Value: Focus on value and benefits to customer
  • Promotion -> Education: Coach the customer on the usage of the service

Consumers get voice through social media

Social Media as Modern Sorcery

As the world becomes more “internet socialized” advice from online peers is an important driver of the Consumer Decision Journey that firms cannot ignore.

The real value of consumer data

Unleashing the Value of Consumer Data.

In this article, the Boston Consulting Group identifies opportunities for effective big data usage by companies.

The customer’s journey throughout the buying process

Follow a Customer’s Journey as He or She Actually Behaves

Nate Elliot from Forrester Research explains how marketeers use different communication channels to relate with their customers.

Prosumers can unlock hidden value

To Spur Growth, Target Profitable “Prosumers”

Prosumers can be the guide to find unmet demand on the price/value curve and create new business models.

New branding rules

Maintaining a Unified Brand in a Fragmented World

Branding is becoming one more tool to interact with customers and take advantage of their loyalty and involvement.

The importance of customer satisfaction

Your Customers are Probably Annoyed With You

Customer surveys are key to learn about customer’s expectations.

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