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COFELY Portugal Newsletter NOV.2013

Second edition of COFELY Portugal Newsletter, including an overview of the company certifications, a special report on Energy Efficiency and news regarding several new contracts and construction works.

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COFELY Portugal Newsletter AUG.2012


COFELY Portugal Newsletter AUG.2012

First edition of COFELY Portugal Newsletter, including an overview of the company project, a special report on Facility Management and news regarding several construction works.


Industrial facility management for tyre company


Facilities Management for Continental Tyres

Coordination and execution of the Facility Management services offer for the Continental production site,  integrating 200+ people on-site during a 5-year period. The contract includes a full range of hard and soft services, providing the customer with a single point-of-contact for all operation and maintenance needs.


Tunnel monitoring system


Automated convergence and deformation measurement in tunnels

Design of an automated measurement system to assess convergence and deformation in tunnels.

The system includes a patented algorithm by Prof. Carlos Dinis da Gama (IST – Lisbon, Portugal) which measures convergence from the walls deformation, without interfering with the tunnel operation and providing real-time data.

The first system was installed in Rossio railway tunnel, owned by Refer, in 2007. This system accounted for more than 800 fiber optic sensors along 100 tunnel sections.


Product line of portable measurement units

FS 4800 - Portable DataLogger

Portable measurement units

Management of product development for a family of portable measurement units for both optical and electrical sensors.

The FS4800 – a portable electrical data logger – was nominated to Best of Sensors Expo 2006.

FS4800 Datalogger nominated to Best of Sensors 2006


Strain Monitoring System


Strain Monitoring System

Project overview of a continuous monitoring system jointly developed with MCM for ICIST/IST to measure a large quantity of strain sensors during the construction of Terreiro do Paço subway station in Lisbon.

Project overview published in Ingenium magazine.

GlobalTest/MCM to ICIST
September, 21 2003

XLView – LabVIEW toolkit for Excel


LabVIEW toolkit for Excel

Software tool developed to facilitate the data transfer between LabVIEW and Excel, by developing LabVIEW VI’s that use the common functions of Microsoft Excel. Released as a product in 1997.

July, 30 1997

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