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Innovation Circle | Vision on transformed energy and internet of things

Interview for Círculo da Inovação sharing my challenge on the future of distributed and transformed energy, and my vision on how Portugal could create value in the economy by building an ecosystem to develop integrated Internet of Things solutions.

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Innovation Circle | We create value when we solve the customer’s problems

On the third breakout session, 19 managers, directors and CEOs gather around to discuss ways to create value for the companies and for the country.

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Innovation Circle | Portugal could be a reference on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is getting traction worldwide, weather for consumer or business applications.

To develop the devices, one must have abundant design and engineering competences typically available in places such a Silicon Valley in the United States. But to integrate them and develop specific use cases, one needs software development and user interface skills, these ones available in Portugal.

My idea is to identify the most interesting segment on the IoT value chain and align investment, training and opportunities around a strategy to build and ecosystem devoted to the development of Internet of Things applications.

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Innovation Circle | The Lisbon MBA

Note from The Lisbon MBA on the participation on the Innovation Circle (Círculo da Inovação), a project developed by Expresso, SIC and NOS to find a new generation of managers in Portugal.

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COFELY Portugal Newsletter NOV.2013

Second edition of COFELY Portugal Newsletter, including an overview of the company certifications, a special report on Energy Efficiency and news regarding several new contracts and construction works.

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Internet of Things enabled devices project

Creation of a high-tech startup to improve quality of life by automating routine tasks based on Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

"lime will make life simpler by connecting and automating the things that are routinely used, allowing users to save time and enjoy a better quality of life. will allow users to seamlessly control and interact with the physical world using wireless devices and user friendly mobile application."

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Luxury wine brand assessment

Analysis of the Barca Velha brand within the context of a luxury product.

After a company analysis and brand assessment, the wine is characterized within several luxury frameworks and the major challenges are identified. As a conclusion, some recommendations are made to increase the awareness of the wine and its value as a luxury product.

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Marketing a Bordeaux wine luxury brand

Analysis of the Château Margaux within the context of how to perform the marketing of a luxury brand.

After a background analysis and brand assessment, several ideas and recommendations are made to increase the awareness of the wine and its value as a luxury product.

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Case Comment on Harvard Business Review


Will Our Partner Steal Our IP? – HBR Article

Comment on Harvard Business Review case “Will Our Partner Steal Our IP?“, published on the January-February 2013 issue.

Follow the link above for the full published article on Harvard Business Review.


Will Our Partner Steal Our IP?
Harvard Business Review
January 2013

LEGO strategy analysis

Analysis of the LEGO® Group, including industry (PEST, competitors, customers segments, attractiveness and key success factors), organizational (core competencies and strategic fit) and strategic analysis (products-markets, vertical integration and internationalization).

As a conclusion, some blue ocean strategies are characterized as diversification options.

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