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Pedro Alves7848MBA, The Lisbon MBA / Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, IST – University of Lisbon

I am a customer oriented and inspirational leader with 10 years of experience on energy and services markets, an experienced board member and former CEO of a startup company.

Currently as Director of Development & Innovation at ENGIE in Portugal my mission is to grow the customer solutions portfolio through acquisitions, introduction of new businesses and organic development to make ENGIE a leader in the country.

Recently nominated for Círculo da Inovação, a project sponsored by the President of the Portuguese Republic on the innovation challenges of the Portuguese companies.

I have a solid experience in creating and coaching high performance teams, in developing company strategy, and in managing integration of companies on M&A deals. Lived and worked in Brazil, Portugal, USA and performed business development across Europe and the Americas, having developed a rich cultural empathy and client interfacing skills.

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Last updated Jun.2016

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