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Innovation Circle | Portugal could be a reference on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is getting traction worldwide, whether for consumer or business applications.

To develop the devices, one must have abundant design and engineering competences typically available in places such a Silicon Valley in the United States. But to integrate them and develop specific use cases, one needs software development and user interface skills, these ones available in Portugal.

My idea is to identify the most interesting segment on the IoT value chain and align investment, training and opportunities around a strategy to build and ecosystem devoted to the development of Internet of Things applications.

Contribution to the challenge Value Creation of Innovation Circle (Círculo da Inovação),  published on Expresso newspaper, edition of 10.Sep.2016.
















O desafio de criar valor nas empresas – pdf version

Círculo da Inovação


Source: O desafio de criar valor nas empresas
10 September 2016

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