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Resume tips for executive-level job seekers

Crafting a killer resume is hard for most of us!

Talking about ourselves in a robust, compelling manner tends to make us feel like cocky braggarts, so we often undersell our capabilities. We get tangled up in the so-called structural rules. We hear that we need to include “the right” key words, but what are they? Who decides which words are the rightest, and which ones are flat-out wrong?

If you’re an executive (or striving to become one), you’ve got one additional level of complexity, and it’s not a small one: You’ve got to make your resume “executive-y” enough so that you can play ball with the big dogs.

It’s not an easy task, but if you’re heading for the C-suite, this article contains four reasonably simple tips that will help you position yourself well:

  • Create an executive summary
  • Show financial and business impact, fast
  • Include a core proficiencies section (that screams “executive”)
  • Choose highlights that align with your target role

Source: 4 resume tips for executive-level job seekers.

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