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The CuffLinc is a small, waterproof black device embedded with an accelerometer offering a Bluetooth link to a smartphone. On the Cuff app for iOS, the wearer can set the device’s internal button to send out an alert to a friend or family member in an emergency.

The idea behind the device is to give the wearer of the Cuff accessories — mostly jewelry at this point — a way to send out a wireless alert without taking the more obvious, or perhaps inconvenient step of pulling out their phone.

A few potential uses for the device, according to Sood, include alerting authorities during an assault, those with health problems alerting families members when in need or simply using the system to keep in daily contact with a loved one.

Cuff’s embedded-tech design dynamic is meant to be something you don’t have to think about — which is helped tremendously by the fact that the CuffLinc doesn’t need to be recharged.

Source: Cuff

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