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Z-Wave hits market milestone with 900th interoperable smart home product

Z-Wave hits market milestone with 900th interoperable smart home product

The Z-Wave Alliance, an open consortium of leading global companies that oversees Z-Wave, claimed to be the world’s largest ecosystem for wireless home control products and services, has announced another milestone in the exploding smart home market: the certification of the 900th interoperable Z-Wave product.

With 900 (and counting) interoperable, brand-agnostic products already on the market, Z-Wave continues to extend its position as the most widely adopted protocol for control and automation products. The landmark 900th product is a Z-Wave addressable smoke alarm by BRK Brands, Inc., the makers of First Alert branded products, among other leading consumer and industrial brands.

“The Alliance congratulates First Alert for achieving this smart home landmark,” said Z-Wave Alliance Chairman Mark Walters. ”For Z-Wave, the milestones keep coming at an ever increasing pace. It was only four months ago that we announced the 800th certified Z-Wave product, and just 8 months before that for the 700th product. The growth of Z-Wave has followed the exponential growth of the smart home market because to a great extent, Z-Wave products and services are defining that market. We look forward to continuing our leadership in every sphere of the emerging smart home space and the Internet of Things.”

First Alert’s latesr Z-Wave addressable smoke alarm, ZSMOKE, offers the consumer added notification capability. If the smoke alarm is activated while the homeowner isn’t home, it can send its alert signal to a Z-Wave based home control gateway, which in turn can alert the homeowner via a text on their smart phone, wherever they may be. The homeowner can then react to the alert with an appropriate response, ranging from having a neighbour check on the house to calling the fire department.

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