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BYD introduces its electric vehicle E6 to Taiwan

BYD introduces its electric vehicle E6 to Taiwan|Companies|Business|

BYD introduces its electric vehicle E6 to Taiwan

BYD, a Chinese car manufacturer, brought its pure electric vehicle to Taiwan on Oct. 8.

“The BYD E6 is designed for taxi drivers. The more they drive, the more they will save. On the whole, a taxi driver will be able to earn an additional NT$10,000 (US$300) a month,” said Chen Wei-jen, president of BYD Taiwan.

Chen made his remarks during a press conference on Oct. 8 to introduce the E6 to Taiwan’s market. A total of 1,500 invoices from taxi drivers have been received as of now, although the vehicle will not be available in the market before the first quarter of next year.

BYD Taiwan was established by BYD Hong Kong and Taiwan Solar Energy under 51:49 share ratio. Chen, Taiwan Solar Energy’s general manager, has taken position as the new company’s president.

Chen said that Taiwan Solar Energy would join the business because they believe electric vehicles will become more and more popular, as gas prices continue to rise. The E6 is already in use by taxi cabs in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and will be introduced to Singapore, London and the United States as well.

The vehicle was designed as a five-door hatchback sub-minivan. It only takes eight seconds to accelerate from 0-100 miles, with a top speed of 140km per hour and a driving range of 300km when the battery is fully charged.

Chen said that it only takes two hours to fully recharge the battery but approximately 80% of the battery life will be restored within 40 minutes. The E6’s battery has a 10-year warranty, he said.

The E6’s pre-launch price is expected to hit NT$1.7 million (US$56,600).

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