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Shaspa’s portfolio of solutions is built on the key elements of smart instrumentation, smart interconnectivity and smart shared spaces. The end-to-end solutions provide homes, businesses and organisations with simple to use, robust technology that creates smart interconnected environments.

The modular, fully scalable Shaspa Bridge and Shaspa Service Delivery Framework is tailored to suit the requirements of projects of any size, up to millions of units. Clients can deploy the pre-configured solutions or simply design bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements.


Solutions for smart homes, from simple home energy monitoring, home automation, home media services to assisted living.


Solutions for smart offices and workplaces, retail, data centres and remote site management.

OEM Solutions

Custom one-stop shop offering solutions from design to manufacturing to branding and deployment. Various reference designs to build on to create truly connected environments.


Build and deploy custom applications based on the SDK. Use the OSGI-based Framework to deploy through the application store.

Global Smarter Village

Shaspa’s partner and developer community

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