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Bitponics is your personal gardening assistant.

It’s a device and a website that will simplify hydroponic gardening. You tell it about your setup and what plants you’re growing and it provides you with a plan of action on how to achieve the best possible results. Sensors in your garden send readings to your account on the Bitponics website. The website then processes that information and sends notifications back to your device to control things such as pumps and lights. You can track your results and share your experiences with other users, so that we all help each other become better gardeners.

How much knowledge is gained every season by gardeners? Each of us are trying out little tweaks to our gardens to see if it’ll make our plants happier…imagine if all of a sudden we had an easy way share that with each other in real time. What could we learn by looking at past growing histories, comparing them to current results, and examining how each environmental factor played its part in our plants’ health? We think it would be amazing to find out!

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