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At SmartThings, we believe that the objects in our physical universe can do more to help make our lives easier, better, and more fun. To help them help us, we’ve created a variety of easy-to-use sensors that you can place in your home, office, and car. SmartThings lets these sensors communicate with each other, and with you–resulting in the world’s most accessible and advanced open platform for the Internet of Things.


As featured on CNN, ABC News, and elsewhere, SmartThings notifies you about important things that happen at home when you’re away, and lets you turn dumb things like lights, fans, and other household objects into smart devices that can be instructed to automatically do what you want them to.

With the push of a button, you can secure your home, control energy use, and trigger things in your home or office to perform different actions when people or pets are present–wherever you are. Stay up to date by knowing when the kids come home from school or a spouse leaves work, get immediate alerts when unexpected events happen–like when a valuable item moves or there’s motion detected outside your home–and transform your daily life by doing more and worrying less.

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