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Stepping up from sales manager to sales director

Turn Yourself Into a Star Sales Leader

It is often said that a great sales manager not always turns into a great  sales director. Apart from the business technicalities, the soft skills that fuel a star sales leader are not the same needed for a sales director to outperform.

In this HBR article, Scott Edinger shows some evidences and identifies the most common mistakes made by previous star sales leaders:

  • Only attend select calls where your (new) position increases value to customer;
  • Act in a supporting role, the star of the company is your salesman;
  • Limit your (direct) involvement, other opportunities might need your guidance;
  • Don’t be the closer, that’s the role of your salespeople (Always Be Closing does not apply to you anymore!)
  • Always Be Prepared, that should be your motto now. Careful planning will improve your positioning on the eyes of the customer and your salesman.
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