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The ultimate 10 steps guide to write a resume that will get your MBA dream job

Based on advice given to colleagues and friends, the Ultimate 10 Steps Guide to Write a Resume puts together simple steps for MBA students to translate their knowledge and skills into an effective piece of personal marketing.

1. Start by carefully choosing 1 or 2 combinations of job position and industry to follow and target. Please keep in mind your background, target geographies, expected industry growth and expected margins. Please do not forget your passions: to reach your full potential you must be as close as possible to your dream job.


2. Identify your current skills and your target position(s) skills.

a. Map transferable and non-transferable skills;
b. Elaborate a plan to acquire the skills needed for your target position(s).


3. Read about Resume writing.


4. Define a clear and clean style for your Resume. Please remember that in some cultures pictures should not be included. The Resume is a piece of personal marketing, it reflects your persona! Include your contact information and social links. Keep it simple!

5. Build a strong Summary highlighting your major achievements and most relevant skills. Do not forget to mention the MBA and keep it to a maximum of 3 to 4 paragraphs. The skills must appear from the description of achievements.


6. Describe each position within the correct proportion, according to their length and importance, and relevance, by demonstrating how past experiences can create value for future roles. Pay attention to the translation of your positions (e.g. Director may have different meanings in different cultures). Again, make the relevant skills appear in each position description as achievements and not as statements.

7. Follow the CV Checklist and have the Resume read by 2-3 trustable colleagues for feedback.

8. Make sure that the information on social networks is coherent, by having the same data in all networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, ResumUP, Skype, …) such as job position, job description, start and finish dates.

a. Communicate the relevant skills on LinkedIn using the pre-defined list so they are searchable.

b. Personalize your social profiles

9. When applying for a new job, write a specific Cover Letter for each position. This letter must identify how your skills and experience can add value to the hiring company. Use the MBA to leverage your experience and skills to higher responsibility positions. One more time, keep it simple to 3 to 4 paragraphs.


10. Only apply when your experience and skills fit roughly 80% with the job description.

Good luck!

Acknowledgements to F. Seabra, N. Pinto and A. Catalão

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