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Tennis shoes value proposition audit

Sanjo K200 Shoes Value Proposition Audit & Recommendation

Analysis of the main needs and usage occasions addressed by the product. Presentation of several insights  regarding the beliefs and attitudes used to evaluate solutions for the identified needs and the product awareness.

Identification of possibilities to increase the product’s value proposition addressing additional needs, increasing the consumption rate and growing the number of customers, as well as extending the relationship with consumers beyond the moment of purchase.

The main actions include creating a more diverse and customizable product line, introducing seasonal product varieties, improving the positioning, and some elements of the marketing mix.

Report prepared for the course of Consumer Behavior. Acknowledgements to my colleagues Alexandra Ferreira, Arlete Castelo, Inês Santos, Ricardo Santos and Tiago Gafeira.

Sanjo K200 Shoes Value Proposition Audit & Recommendation – Consumer Behavior
The Lisbon MBA
July 17, 2012

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