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Guide to IoT solution development

IoT Analytics published a report on how companies should build Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Based on analysis from several projects, the report advises a structured framework of five phases and useful examples of analyzed projects.

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Circular economy

In a circular economy, products and the materials they contain are highly valued. This contrasts with the traditional, linear economic model, which is based on a 'take-make-consume-throw away' pattern. In practice, a circular economy minimizes waste through reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products.

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Internet of things state of union

A great report has just been published by venture capital company Wing about the global panorama of Internet of Things startup companies and adoption by their target consumers.

The report is based on the analysis of 2,000+ deals, the context around the creation and exit activities, and interviews to IoT pioneers.

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Innovation Circle | Vision on transformed energy and internet of things

Interview for Círculo da Inovação sharing my challenge on the future of distributed and transformed energy, and my vision on how Portugal could create value in the economy by building an ecosystem to develop integrated Internet of Things solutions.

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How to create value from solar energy

In a recent article on solar energy, McKinsey put together an overview of solar power worldwide installations as well a fine tutorial on some of the key success factors behind large scale deployment.

The same article also suggests an obvious business model based on two different entities, a developer company strong on cash for operations and a holding company with strong debt and stable yield.

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Innovation Circle | We create value when we solve the customer’s problems

On the third breakout session, 19 managers, directors and CEOs gather around to discuss ways to create value for the companies and for the country.

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Innovation Circle | Portugal could be a reference on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is getting traction worldwide, weather for consumer or business applications.

To develop the devices, one must have abundant design and engineering competences typically available in places such a Silicon Valley in the United States. But to integrate them and develop specific use cases, one needs software development and user interface skills, these ones available in Portugal.

My idea is to identify the most interesting segment on the IoT value chain and align investment, training and opportunities around a strategy to build and ecosystem devoted to the development of Internet of Things applications.

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How to impress a recruiter with your resume

Simple and straight to the point, this article from Susie Timli from Hays, lists a few simple points not to miss on one's resume.

On the same article, don't miss a list of valuable resources at the end including a heat map based on an eye-tracking study of recruiters, so you can see exactly what part of a CV recruiters prioritize.

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Intel enters the smart buildings market

For years now, one's been talking about the internet of things (IOT) for the built environment. The only problem is that the world of commercial real estate runs on decidedly last-generation technology.

There’s nothing like the equivalent of the ubiquitous home or office Wi-Fi router to connect it all.

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How to implement change in a traditional energy company

The obstacles plaguing both renewables and traditional utility companies today typically come in two distinct forms — technology transitions and major industry shifts — both with the end goal of better serving and connecting with customers.

Though both obstacles have their own unique challenges, the strategies to implementing and scaling change efforts to overcome each issue are largely the same.

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